Among the Punishments for Sins: the Obliteration of Barakah
الشيخ خالد بن علي الغامدي
04 Rabi' al-Thani 1437

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His Eminence Sheikh Khalidibn Alial-Ghamdi –May Allah protect him– delivered this Istisq?’ khutbah titled “Among the Punishments for Sins: the Obliteration of Barakah” in which he talked about sins and acts of disobedience as having adverse effects on people’s lives in the Herein, in addition to Allah’s threat to inflict severe punishment on the disobedient for committingsins. The Sheikh then explained that one of the gravest chastisements for committing acts of disobedience is the obliteration of barakah to the point that one would no longer feel any sense of barakahregarding one’s money, time, work, and any other aspect of life.