Present Situation of the Muslim Ummah: Graces and Trials
الشيخ صالح بن عبدالله بن حميد
07 Muharram 1436

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His Eminence Sheikh Saleh Ibn Abdullah Ibn Humaid –May Allah protect him– delivered this Friday’s Khutbah titled “Present Situation of the Muslim Ummah: Graces and Trials” in which he addressed the bitter s tate of the Muslim Ummah and the onslaught that it is facing from every direction. He explained how the enemies of the Ummah have used all ways and means at their disposal to undermine the constants of the religion and to shake the Muslims’ stability everywhere. Sheikh Ibn Humaid exhorted Muslims to adhere to the Holy Book and the Sunnah and to uphold the ways of the righteous salaf (predecessors) saying that they embody salvation from trials and unrest. He also reminded Muslims of the favours bestowed on the home of the Two Holy Mosques by Almighty Allah.