The Prophet’s Biography:The Way outofOrdeals
الشيخ صالح بن عبدالله بن حميد
07 Rabi' al-awwal 1437

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His Eminence Sheikh SalehibnAbdullahibnHumaid –May Allah protect him– delivered this Friday khutbahentitled “The Prophet’s Biography:The Way out of Ordeals.”He talked about the biography of the Prophet –May Allah’s Salatand Peace be upon him– as a way of life which every Muslim should seek to understand and adhere to. He also explained that the way out of the ordeals and crises engulfing the Ummah resides in studying thisredolentbiography and using it as a source of inspiration. The Sheikh also commended the large Islamic Coalition set up for cementing the ranks of the Ummahin the face of the perils surrounding it from all directions as well as the terrorist groups, regardless of their affiliation.