The Merit of Ribat and Murabiteen in the Cause of Allah
الشيخ صالح بن محمد آل طالب
17 Jumada al-awwal 1437

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His Eminence Sheikh Salehibn Muhammad al-Talib –May Allah protect him– delivered this Friday khutbah entitled “The Merit of RibatandMurabiteen in the Cause of Allah.” Hetalked about the merits of being stationed at frontline positions in the cause of Allah and explainedthe true meaning of being stationed to serve the cause of Allah, thus dissociating the term from what has been collated to it by feeble-minded and untrustworthy people. He equally addressed professional writers and media people and advised them about the need to abandon internal conflicts and turn instead to the conspiracies being strategized against the Ummah. He also pointed out that Muslims must protect their internal unity at all fronts just like soldiers stationed at the frontiers protect the territory from the enemies lying in ambush for Muslims.